Scented candle 'Nuit à Marrakech'

Scented candle 'Nuit à Marrakech'

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Nuit à Marrakech (OUD)

"Marrakech is also vibrant at night. Just by closing my eyes, I can see the excitement of the Jemaa El Fna square and its street vendors, and redraw the curves of the oriental dancers ... That's what inspired me when creating the candle NIGHT IN MARRAKECH. "



Material: Black Lacquered Glass with Screenprint
Size: D 8cm - H 9cm
Candle: Soy Wax
Cotton Wick
Weight: 220g
Burning Time: 40 Heures

Soy Wax:
All our candles are hand-cast with 100% natural soy wax, certified GMO-free.